Ena’s Chore (2012)

Ena’s Chore, a 2D animation, was created in the third year of pursuit of my Media Art and Animation degree at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. The assignment was to create a scene involving the evolution of a can-opener! I know, at first thought it seemed so awkward, surreal…impossible? But after some note scribbling and story-boarding (see gallery below), I came up with Ena and her cat. Ena try’s to use an old ‘church key’ type of can-opener first, to no avail…she can’t get the can open as kitty cry’s for food!

But…never fear! Mr. Can-opener is here! He dances his way onto the counter and wa-la! Job done. Kitty is happy! This is one of my first animation shorts, and was very fun to make…even with story lacking! The focus here was on encompassing all the aspects of an animation production and completing them all on one’s own. The hand-drawn animation and layering of background and middle/foregrounds was a fun challenge and the true building block beginnings of learning the craft. Ena’s Chore was completed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.