I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.
— Madonna

Welcome to the culmination of what is to be Gibson Girl Arts. I am a lifetime artist and creator with a unique outlook and original ideas. I am always seeking new opportunities to expand my knowledge and creative outlook with multiple projects. I am currently focused on designing hand-knitwear. I also illustrate and animate. Cartooning is the best…it is so amazing to see your drawings come to life! I also love to play with soapy creations in my spare time.  All items listed in my shops are hand created by moi’. 

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I became a founding creator at Hayfield/Isovista. Isovista is an online virtual reality project based around virtual learning and virtual gallery art exhibition.  At Isovista, I have played the roles of logo and web design consultant, virtual art installment participant, assistant gallery design consultant and virtual platform tester.  My work with Isovista has combined modeling in 3DS Max and Maya, importing objects into Unity 3D, then testing the interaction of the works within the online virtual platform.  The Isovista team are looking forward to WebGL and reaching a higher level of digital stability. 

I am an avid reader and love to learn! I love exploring new recipes in the kitchen and entertaining guests in my home. I also enjoy jaunting around the beautiful Pacific Northwest with our gorgeous German shepherd, Stella.

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